Getting fresh ... with Shaun Presland

Shaun Presland has probably done to Japanese food in this country what David Thompson did to Thai food. Elevated it to become more than a boring, cookie cutter suburban restaurant version of a complex cuisine. I best knew him for his work at the original Sake in The Rocks, Sydney, but after the UPG/Rockpool takeover he moved on to work with Chin Chin's Chris Lucas at his Japanese restaurant Kisume in Melbourne. Following on from that he travelled to New York, London and Tokyo where he won the silver prize at the Washoku World Challenge 2016. No mean feat before he headed to London to try his luck. So it was good to see him in Sydney again behind the pans at Sake, Manly for an ever-so-brief stint of three weeks before he heads back to work on his new Soho restaurant, which is due to open next year. Sublime dishes, beautifully executed, championing the produce is what he does best. The views from Manly Wharf on a beautiful day were a bonus.

Grant JonesSake